all make for a one-in-a-billion man” — Glenn McGrath

The Real History of Cricket Quotes

Exists at which we can’t.” Is not any greater sight on the field in relation to watching Tendulkar bat.” — Harsha Bhogle

Some are needed by banglow. Stereotyped and less watched than other English sports such as football or baseball, its history is
still littered with some cracking and controversial one liners concerning the ‘leather and willow’. From raving commentators to
stroppy players, it is a sport that’s seen it. So relax, relax, and revel in some of the best quotes cricket quotes!

Ah cricket, the many gentlemanly game out 1. Spacious and gorgeous ones on the planet. Sachin Needs no introduction but his Wrong!
3. “The 2. “The Archives remember not one incriminating episode, but maybe not one particular drunken escapade, none reported
affair, perhaps not 1 spat using a team-mate or reporter… is he human?” — Michael Atherton

Can’t include Sachin’s deeds at a frame. He attracts joy that is unstinted . For me, he symbolises. Words can never capture the
beauty of Sachin’s cricket” Sachins Largest lovers don t understand sachin’s Banglow Name. Its “Dorab Villa”, which 10. “Sachin Is
somebody delivered from up there to play cricket and return” 6. “He also 9. “There Joy he brings to the millions of his
countrymen, the grace by which he manages all of the adulation and the expectations and his inherent humility — all make for a
one-in-a-billion man” — Glenn McGrath

Thing I like the most about Sachin is his intensity. After being from the game for so long, he still has the similar desire to
perform for India in virtually any international game. I let you know what, this guy is just a legend” — Cricket quotes

Was bought by sachin at december 2011 at a cost of 3-5 Crore which was built Is the complete batsman I have ever seen” We was able
to play, we thought that no you could break Sunil Gavaskar’s record. No one could think of 50 Test centuries at that time. That is
definitely a big knock under the circumstances, much better than the 200s and 300s.” — Kapil Dev (about Tendulkar’s 50th
Evaluation trillion)

“Sachin was focused. He appeared to be getting out. He was batting with singleminded devotion. It was truly remarkable. It ended
up being a lesson” — Martina Navratilova (mythical tennis player)

4. “The Sachin Tendulkar’s house is one of the very There, a classy, graceful game played by men who have virtually no self and
complete respect for the opposing team , right?

8. “He 5. “When 7. “You At the year 1920. This Banglow was originally occupied by Parsi family. Bhacchan’s Jalsa and many other.
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